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In 2013 the EU Commission started the European Heritage Label (EHL) as an initiative of several national governments to improve the knowledge of European history and the role and values of the EU...
In the last decade Cultural Heritage moved more and more into the centre of attention of the European Commission. The Creative Europe Programme stimulated and invested in European initiatives like Capitals of Culture, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Heritage Label and other.
13. April 2016
Hofburg Wien, the Imperial Palace, is a complex of buildings and gardens in the centre of Vienna, which used to serve as the residence of the Habsburgs, a ruling family of large parts of Europe. During the 700 years of the history of the Hofburg decisions were taken here that had effect on...
1. January 2019
Based on MODI-FY elements, The European Heritage Academy, founded in late 2017, acts as a hub for the systematic further education of maintenance managers throughout the European Union and is constantly being expanded.
According to the climate change and energy policy of the EU, each member state needed to identify and develop a series of energy efficient goals and regulations, of which buildings are a key element, in order to reach the set goals.
The most visible part of the common heritage of Austria (AT) and the Czech Republic (CZ) is the architectural culture of buildings and settlements that have emerged in the same cultural-historical conditions. One problem of their renewal is...
The buzzword "BIM" (Building Information Modeling) is currently linked to various definitions, approaches and systems. Different actors have different expectations of BIM and the Austrian construction industry is in an intensive process of catching up, both with public and private entities.
Organisational behaviour improvement for Energy Efficiency public adminstrative buildings Die Burghauptmannschaft Österreich ist mit der Hofburg in Innsbruck als Pilotstandort am Projekt „OrbEEt – Organizational Behaviour improvement for Energy Efficiency public adminsTrative buildings“ beteiligt. In diesem, von H2020 geförderten Projekt...
Europe has a fascinating history and various historic sites, which demonstrate imperial glory and power, which attract tourists and students of different disciplines like architecture, building culture, but also cause serious concerns...
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15. October 2020
13. October 2020